a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on Venice's architecture and urban development and the role of Venice in the evolution of Western business and commercial practices

Venicescapes' privately guided tours of Venice offer a unique, comprehensive picture of the world's most extraordinary city.  Conceived and developed only after years of meticulously studying the many political, economic, social, and religious forces that came together to create the city, these content-rich walking tours provide scholarly insights and a wealth of fascinating information that simply aren't available in standard guide books or guided tours and give the intellectually curious traveler the unique opportunity to go beyond the clichés and urban legends and discover a Venice of far-reaching historical and cultural relevance.

Rather than visiting random sights, these guided itineraries have been carefully designed to focus on specific themes or eras in Venice's eventful history thus providing the context and perspective necessary not only to enjoy the incomparable artistic and architectural masterpieces to their fullest but to relate the individual sights to one another and to overarching historical trends that show Venice’s place and importance in the greater world.  They are consequently the ideal way to explore and understand Venice and transform a standard visit into a dynamic, culturally enriching learning opportunity.  Even more, since each walking tour is privately guided in order to favor dialogue and interaction, every sight and point of interest becomes a direct and personal experience that will be long remembered.

a guided tour of the Doge's Palace in Venice focusing on the evolution of the Venetian government and Venice's impact on governmental structure and practice in the Atlantic tradition
a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on the foreign communities and including considerations on the cohabitation of foreign groups within a cosmopolitan environment
a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on Venetian art and on religious practices during the Middle Ages and Renaissance

a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on Palladio and Venetian architecture during the Renaissance
a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on Venetian religious art during the Catholic Reformation
a guided walking tour of Venice focusing on the Age of Enlightenment and its impact on political and moral values in eighteenth-century Venice


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