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Venice is the world's most extraordinary city; its alluring physical environment, spectacular art and architecture, and intriguing lifestyle are unlike those of any other.  For over a thousand years, it stood at the commercial crossroads of the world and was influenced by cultures of the most varied kinds and origins which were slowly and masterfully blended into a rich, cosmopolitan heritage truly without equal. Today, no other city possesses a higher concentration of the world's greater works of art (1968-69 Survey of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

Venicescapes was founded in 1997 as an historical society to further the understanding of this incredible and complex patrimony, of Venetian history, and of Venice's singular role in the development of Western Civilization.  Engaged in ongoing research, the society authors publications, conducts seminars, contributes financially to restoration projects, and offers privately guided walking tours of Venice for its registered members responding to their elevated interests and enabling them to unlock the city's most inner secrets during their visit.  In recognition of these unique initiatives and programs, the society was singled out by Cable Network News (CNN) for inclusion in its transmission Italian Traditions: Saving Venice.  The guided walking tours have also been consistently recommended by Rick Steves, Lonely Planet, and Fodors Guides.




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