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  Frequently Asked Questions

Are the guided tours always private?

The historical tours are intended to be an intellectually stimulating and enlightening part of your visit to Venice.  The Society consequently conducts the tours on a strictly private basis in order to favor interaction and dialogue and to elaborate upon those points which are of particular interest to you.

Are the guided historical tours regularly scheduled?

The tours are individually arranged to better accomodate your schedule while in Venice.

Can the longer tours be divided?

Depending upon availability, it is generally possible to spread the longer tours over multiple days for a more leisure pace.

Who can participate?

Participation in Venicescapes’ guided tours is limited to registered members of the Society and their family.  The membership, valid for the calendar year, is a simple part of booking an itinerary.

Which guided tour is most appropriate for first-time visitors?

“Story of a Mercantile Empire” was specifically conceived as an introductory tour to cover the city's historical and commercial evolution, its architecture, and urban development.

Are the guided tours suited for younger children?

The tours have been conceived primarily for adults.  However, older students interested in a mature, historical perspective may also appreciate the depth and richness offered by Venicescapes' programs.  For younger children, parents should carefully evaluate the interest level and attention span.

When do the tours begin?

Although the tours are privately conducted in order to better accommodate your needs, the opening and closing times of museums and religious sights may have some bearing on starting times.  To enjoy the entire experience at a relaxed pace, the following times are recommended:


Story of a Mercantile Empire 09:00
A Most Serene Republic N/A
A City of Nations 09:00
The Splendors of Piety 09:00 or 12:30
Custodian of Wisdom N/A
The Art of Salvation 09:00
The Age of Decadence 09:30

Where do I meet for the tour?

In most cases, you will be met at or near your place of lodging.  For logistic and time considerations, however, a common meeting point closer to the first sight on the tour may also be mutually agreed upon.

Are photographs allowed?

Photographs without flash are generally allowed in accordance with the guidelines established by individual churches and museums.

What is appropriate attire?

While participating in a Venicescapes tour, you are kindly asked to show due respect for the public monuments, private homes, and religious structures that are visited and to refrain from wearing shorts or sleeveless tops or dresses.

Are there breaks during the tours?

The historical tours typically last from 4 to 6 hours.  However, there are pauses for lunch and refreshments as needed in some of Venice’s more characteristic locales.

Does Venicescapes collaborate with school groups?

The Society is pleased to work with professors and teachers in preparing and conducting on-site seminars that can be integrated into study programs in order to further established educational goals.

Does Venicescapes offer sightseeing tours of Venice?

Venicescapes’ guided historical tours are offered to further the understanding of Venetian history and, specifically, of Venice's singular role in the development of Western Civilization.  Sightseeing tours of the city and its historical monuments are readily available through the numerous local tourist agencies.  The Society can also provide information and contacts for qualified local tour guides whenever requested and at no cost.

Does Venicescapes provide information or make reservations for other travel-related services?

Venicescapes is organized and operates as a non-profit historical society.  As such, it cannot legally provide tour-agency services.



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