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Guided Itineraries
frequently-asked questions



Are the guided itineraries regularly scheduled?

Venicescapes is engaged in a number of initiatives on behalf of Venice of which the itineraries are merely a part. As a result, the Society operates the tours only on an occasional basis and only upon request.

Can the itineraries be customized?

Venicescapes typically employs three to four years to develop an itinerary, conducting extensive research, choosing appropriate sights, and designing routes in consideration of geographical locations and opening and closing times.  Also each itinerary is meant to focus on a specific theme or era in Venetian history in order to give you the broader perspective necessary to understand the true historical and cultural relevance of the sights and place them into relation with one another.  Only within this framework can the itineraries can be customized emphasizing one aspect or another.

Does Venicescapes offer sightseeing tours of Venice?

Venicescapes' thematic itineraries are offered to further the understanding of Venetian history as it relates to Anglo-American culture and, specifically, of Venice's singular role in the development of Western Civilization.  Sightseeing tours of the city and its historical monuments are readily available through the numerous local tourist agencies.  The Society can also provide information and contacts for qualified local tour guides whenever requested and at no cost.

Does Venicescapes provide information or make reservations for other travel-related services?

Venicescapes is organized and operates as a non-profit historical society.  As such, it cannot legally provide tour-agency services.

How much do the itineraries cost?

Venicescapes operates as a non-profit historical society.  The prices for each of the itineraries are intended to cover the costs of the Society's continued research initiatives and organization and are in compliance with the conditions concerning the activities of non-profit organizations as set forth in the Italian Ministry of Finance Unified Code Article 148, paragraph 3 (T.U. Art. 148, comma 3).  View current prices.

Are the itineraries always private?

The itineraries are intended to be an intellectually stimulating and enlightening part of your visit to Venice.  The society consequently conducts the itineraries on a strictly private basis in order to favor interaction and dialogue and elaborate upon those points which are of particular interest to you.

How long are the itineraries?

Typically, the duration of each itinerary is as follows:

Story of a Mercantile Empire 6 hours
A Most Serene Republic 4 hours
A City of Nations 6 hours
The Splendors of Piety 4 hours
Custodian of Wisdom 2 1/2 hours
A New Rome 6 hours
The Art of Salvation 6 hours
The Age of Decadence 6 hours

When do they begin?

Although the itineraries are privately conducted in order to better accommodate your needs, the opening and closing times of museums and churches may have some bearing on starting times as may the location of your place of lodging with respect to the first sight on the itinerary. To enjoy the entire experience and maintain a relaxed pace, the following times are recommended:

Story of a Mercantile Empire 09:00
A Most Serene Republic N/A
A City of Nations 09:00
The Splendors of Piety 08:45 or 12:45
Custodian of Wisdom N/A
A New Rome TBA
The Art of Salvation 09:00
The Age of Decadence 09:30

Where do I meet for the itinerary?

In most cases, you will be met at or near your place of lodging.  For logistic and time considerations, however, a common meeting point closer to the first sight on the itinerary may also be mutually agreed upon.

Which itinerary is most appropriate for first-time visitors?

“Story of a Mercantile Empire” was specifically conceived as an introductory itinerary to cover the city's historical and commercial development, its architecture, and urban development.

Are the itineraries suited for younger children?

The itineraries have been conceived primarily for adults.  But older students interested in a more mature, historical perspective can also appreciate the depth and richness of the total experience.  As a result, parents should carefully evaluate the interest level and attention span of younger children.

Can non-members participate?

Participation in Venicescapes’ itineraries is limited to registered members of the Society and their family members as per Article II, Section 3. of the Society’s charter.

Are photographs allowed?

In most circumstances, photographs with flash are not allowed inside the churches and museums.

What is appropriate attire?

While participating in a Venicescapes itinerary, your conduct and appearance reflect upon the Society.  You are consequently asked to show due respect for the public monuments, private homes, and religious structures that are visited and to refrain from wearing shorts or sleeveless tops or dresses.

Does Venicescapes collaborate with school groups?

The Society is pleased to work with professors and teachers in preparing and conducting on-site seminars that can be integrated into study programs in order to further established educational goals.

Does Venicescapes provide research assistance?

Based on available time, the Society does provide assistance to teachers and students interested in Venice and its history.  All requests should include information on the nature of the project.  The Society, however, is not a substitute for individual research. Assistance will be provided only when it is deemed that a reference source is not readily available outside of the State Archives or the Marciana National Library in Venice.



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