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Information on Venicescapes' guided walking tours of Venice
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Articles on historical and artistic sights in Venice
Information on Venicescapes' timelines and books on Venice
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Descriptions of prominent churches by the Foundation for the Churches of Venice created by parish priests to promote the city's cultural heritage

Civic Museums of Venice
The official site of the Doge's Palace, Ca' Rezzonico: Museum of Eighteenth-Century Venetian Art, Ca' Mocenigo: Museum of Venetian Textiles and Costumes, the Museum of Natural History, the Goldoni House: Museum of Venetian Theater, the Glass Museum, and the Lace Museum among others.

Galleries of the Academy of Fine Arts
Information about the most significant collection of Venetian painting from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries

Great School of San Rocco
A superb site with information on the history of the Confraternity of Saint Roch and its meeting hall including descriptions and photographs of the extensive pictorial cycle by Tintoretto

Palazzo Grassi
Information on the latest exhibition along with archives for past exhibitions from 1986 to 1996

Peggy Guggenheim Collection
Information on exhibitions, the museumís history, hours of operation, and location

La Biennale
Information and programs for the International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Venice International Film Festival
A schedule of screenings and information on the competition for film awards