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“The real secret of discovering Venice is finding someone who knows and understands the myriad of historical and religious connections that created and then ultimately destroyed Venice as a world power.  That secret is Venicescapes!”


“I had been in Venice before and had taken a private walking tour, but unlike the Venicescapes' guided tours, I had not even scratched the surface of the city.”


“Our walking tour experiences in Venice were simply awesome!  The excellent organization Venicescapes made the complex and heretofore unfamiliar history of Venice engaging and clear.  No amount of outside reading could ever have brought that story to life in the same way that our Venicescapes walking tour did.”


“It was less a guided tour than a seminar, an intellectually stimulating exchange that more than matched my expectations.”


“The guide's knowledge of history seemed boundless, and his insights on politics, economics, and religion were fascinating.  He truly had an uncanny ability to tie all aspects together and paint a comprehensive picture of Venice.”


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Venicescapes guided walking tours

For a culturally enriching, private walking tour of Venice and an intellectually riveting experience unlike any other, choose a leading expert to guide you through the world's most extraordinary city and help you unlock its inner secrets.

No where else will you find refreshingly innovative guided tours conceived exclusively for the inquisitive traveler who truly wants to understand the birth, development, and world-wide influence of Venice while walking through the city and enjoying its unique lifestyle, culture, art, and architecture.

Together, we'll tour the quieter streets and discover just how and why Venice grew and changed over its long and eventful history, how it lives and works today, and what its unique contributions have been to the evolution of Western Civilization.

Along the way, we'll visit hidden treasures of the city that are closed to the general public; tour world-renowned landmarks, private homes, and simple artisan workshops; and see incomparable artistic and architectural masterpieces but in a way that will give them unexpected new meaning and life and change forever your way of looking at Venice.



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historical guided walking tours of Venice


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Venicescapes, Venice, guided tour, guided tours, tour guide, walking tour, private guide, historical tour, city guide, city tour, tourism

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